Your Ottawa Fireplace Repair and Cleaning Specialists

Propane or Natural Gas Fireplace, Free Standing Stove or Insert Tune up and Repair

Most manufacturers recommend having gas-burning appliances inspected annually by a professional service provider. This ensures that your fireplace is always functioning properly and safely.

The Grill Smith provides fireplace tune-ups and fireplace repairs for all brands of gas direct vent and gas top vent fireplaces.

The Grills Smith’s Fireplace Tune-up and Repair services include;

  • All brands of gas Fireplaces

  • Safety check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks

  • Cleaning the glass front

  • Cleaning the vacuum control compartment

  • Adjusting logs for proper placement

  • Replacing decorative embers

  • Adjusting the flame

  • Verifying that all system settings meet manufacturer’s specifications

Cost starts at $219.00, plus parts if needed

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